A “Wow” knit pocketbook for Avigail…by Savta

My mother is Savta (Hebrew for Grandma) to my children and grandchildren.  Savta is the most wonderful grandmother ever, always on the lookout for something special for all her grandchildren and great grandchildren.

Savta loves to knit and she recently knit my two-year old granddaughter the most adorable pocketbook ever.  Avigail feels so grown-up carrying her own pocketbook. She has filled it with her own stash of emergency items, just in case.  Inside, you’ll find snacks, tissues, a hair bow and her favorite book.

I myself don’t knit, but my mother is a master knitter and crocheter.  When I was a small girl, she crocheted ponchos (remember those?) and matching skirts for me.  When I was a teen, she knit and crocheted beautiful sweaters with puffy ribboned sleeves for me.  Now, she knits all kinds of items for the next two generations.

I have asked my mother to  post the instructions for knitting this adorable and beautiful pocketbook.  Thanks, Mom!


As one who knits, I have many yarns, in all colors as left overs from previous projects.   I  recently decided to put my leftover yarns to great use and make my great granddaughter a pocket book purse.   The result was a happy little girl.


Cast on 28 stitches in one color.
Knit  (K) line one, and purl (P) line two.
Repeat 3X.
Change to a different color and  knitting with K one line & P the second line.
Repeat 2X (total of 6 lines in this color).
Repeat this pattern  changing colors to wow the pattern, for 12 inches.
Then, on the 13th inch, K one stitch, P one stitch & reverse, P one stitch, K one stitch.  (popcorn stitch).
On the third line, knit 13 stitches & cast off 2 stitches, finishing the line in the popcorn pattern.
On the fourth line, knit in this pattern 13 stitches & add 2 stitches, finishing the line in the popcorn pattern.
Continue to  knit  in this pattern 5 more lines & on the sixth line, cast off completely.
To complete, fold like an envelope the piece for 5+1/2  inches, and  sew the sides.  Fold over the remaining piece to become the fold of the pocket book.  Get an interesting button to fit your hole & sew it on.
savtas knit pocketbook on counter
 I took four yarns of different colors to combine & crocheted the strap in a braid in the length desired, plus 3/4 an inch, and sewed it to the inside of the sides of  the purse.  The effect of the combination of the yarns was beautiful.


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