Curly Scallion Garnish: Simple and Wow

scallionsVegetable garnishes can take a plated appetizer or serving platter from simple to wow.  I like to create garnishes with ordinary ingredients and tools.  There are so many garnishes that can be created using simple tools that you already own.

This garnish elevates a simple scallion (green onion) to a wow garnish with the use of a regular paring knife and ice water. Try it!


ice water
plastic container or mason jar




scallion garnish cut

Trim the root end off of the scallion. leaving at least an inch of green at the top and at least 2 inches of white at the bottom.

Leave about 1″ of the root end of the scallion intact. Slice down the center length of the scallion starting 1″ from the bottom end until the top.


scallion garnish cut -many

Turn the scallion and repeat cutting down the center length of the scallion starting 1″ from the bottom end until the top. Cut close to the last cut. Repeat, carefully adding slits to the top of the scallion.

scallion brush ready for ice water

Prepare a mason jar or plastic container with ice water and soak the scallion garnishes for at least 25 minutes. The tops of the scallion will open up and curl.

scallion garnish in ice water

Simple and wow! Use the garnish to decorate your hors d’oeuvres, appetizers, soups or serving platters.


scallion garnish for fna potato hors deuvres


scallion garnish with lentil soup

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