Birds of Paradise: A Simple and Stunning Arrangement

I have always had an affinity for Birds of Paradise flowers.  Their long angular stems paired with the orange and blue-tinted tropical blossom have made them a favorite of mine.  Last week, in my local supermarket floral section, I found birds of paradise packaged with tropical leaves.    Since I wanted to stick to the color family of the birds of paradise, I was delighted to find blue thistle.  The star-shaped blue thistle flowers are the perfect counterpoint for the birds of paradise, bringing out the subtle blue in the birds of paradise flower.

I find it easiest to use a narrow-necked vase to arrange flowers when I don’t have many filler flowers.   I selected a small vase with a narrow-neck and started with my largest blossoms.  I then added the thistle flowers, adding one stem at a time. Finally, I curled the longest leaf and added both leaves to the arrangement.


birds of paradise supplies



Birds of Paradise (2 stems)
Blue Thistle or any blue filler flower (3 stems)
1-2 large green leaves
Narrow neck vase
Pruning shears

birds of paradise arrangement kitchen

Cut stems of Birds of Paradise 2 and 3 inches longer than height of vase.
Cut stems of Thistle or filler 1 inch longer than height of vase.

birds of paradise curled leaf

Curl large leaf by gently bending leaf and securing with a twist tie or floral tape.
Arrange the two birds of paradise in the vase facing opposite ways. One stem should be 1 to 2 inches taller than the other.
Trim thistle and arrange around birds of paradise, twisting stem so that flowers point outward.
Arrange leaves in the vase.


birds of paradise arrangement outside




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