A Contemporary Tied Stem Tulip Arrangement

I get excited once I start to see tulips appear because it signals that spring is not far away.   Tulips come in such an extraordinary variety of colors and petal edges.  Amazingly, most tulip varieties are perfectly symmetrical.  Tulips are from the lily family and are beautiful when closed as buds and when fully open.

I bought a bouquet of tulips for Shabbos.    I took them home and laid them out on the counter before deciding how to arrange them.  Since they have such straight stems, I thought that I would arrange them so that both the stems and the blossoms are arranged in an interesting manner.

tulips uncut

I noticed that there were a few small closed buds and more larger open blossoms. I trimmed the stems and cut off all the leaves except the uppermost leaves.   I moved the smaller closed buds to the center and the larger, more open blossoms to the sides.



tulips seprated and turned

.I laid out the flowers on the counter tying the bunch with a piece of floral tape.  A green rubber band or ribbon can also be used.

tulips toed with floral tape


I selected two of the longest leaves from the ones that I had trimmed off the tulip stems.   I then tied these leaves around the stems, covering the floral tape and  knotting them in the front.

I filled a narrow wavy-shaped glass vase with water and then just lowered the new arrangement into the vase.


tulip with knot arrangement

Voila! Simple to Wow!


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