Simple Forsythia Arrangement: Bringing the Outside Inside

Our forsythia hedges are blossoming.  Their yellow flowers are a burst of sunshine to announce the coming of spring.  The forsythia hedges are rather ordinary in the summer, but create gorgeous, showy yellow blossoms on bare branches in early spring.

forsythia branch

To decorate our Shabbos table last week, I snipped a few branches and arranged them in a simple silver vase.  They make the most gorgeous arrangement and make our home feel like springtime.

forsythia arrangement

Forsythia branches will last at least two weeks, so I will be able to decorate my Purim tables with these stunning flowers.  Yay!


pruning shears
tall vase
2 large forsythia branches
2 smaller forsythia branches

This type of arrangement works best in a tall  vase with a narrow neck.  Prune 2 large and 2 small forsythia branches.  Remove flowers from the bottom of the branches that will be placed inside the vase.  Place the two larger stems in the middle and the two smaller stems on the outside.

forsythia arrangement-from side


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