Simple and Wow Recipes..reinvented for Passover

I find that my best  Pesach (Passover) recipes are the ones that I use year round. They use simple and reliable ingredients and taste just as good (and sometimes even better) for Passover.

I try to stay away from special for Passover shelf-ready dressings.  Salad dressings are simple to make for Pesach and extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar are items that are generally kosher for Passover year-round.  This year, I will prepare dressings before Pesach and will store them in my refrigerator in squeeze bottles for use throughout Pesach.

One ingredient that I miss for Pesach is soy sauce. It is an ingredient that I use extensively in many of my Asian-inspired recipes. The Passover substitute for soy sauce just doesn’t cut the mustard (oh…and mustard is Leah’s most missed ingredient for Pesach).

I have taken some of my favorite recipes and I have readjusted them (usually just by simplifying) to meet Pesach criteria.  I will continue to post these recipes and some new ones over the next weeks to help make your Pesach preparations (and mine) as simple as possible.

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