A Few Good Blossoms: Floating Arrangements

I began this SimpletoWow blog in January with an original post,   It’s all about the arrangement (psst….even with last week’s roses), on arranging last week’s open and just-wilting roses.  It was intended to showcase  simple and wow ways to use what you have in surprising and unexpected ways.

last week's roses in a square bowl

As the Jewish holiday of Shavuos approaches (see Countdown to Shavuos: Floral Inspirations and Dairy Recipes), I would like to add some other ways to make use of a few good blossoms.

last week's gerber daisies in a large rose bowl

These may be last week’s roses or Gerber daisies or large flowers from your garden.  For this type of arrangement, you will only need a vase with a large opening, a few large and open blossoms, some pruning shears or scissors and fresh water.  As an alternative to a glass vase, you may use any type of fruit bowl, salad bowl or trifle bowl that has a wide opening.


glass vase or bowl with large opening 8″ rectangular glass vase or 6″ square glass vase
a few large and open blossoms, like roses and Gerber daisies

last week's roses vase only


pruning shears or strong scissors Fiskars pruning shears



Fill vase or bowl with cool water.  Trim flowers just below the heads, leaving a minimum amount of stem.  Make sure to peel off any dried-out petals from each blossom.  Line the blossoms up in your glass bowl in a grid-like or serial fashion.  Use the larger blossoms to bolster the smaller blossoms.

last week's gerber daisies in wave bowl


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