Three’s a Crowd? A Trio of Floral Arrangements

I love to arrange flowers of the same color and my favorite floral centerpieces are white.  Often, I can find beautiful flowers at my local supermarket that are sold as three bunches for a single price.  When that happens, I usually pick all white flowers and I arrange them as a trio of floral arrangements.

When time is short,  I find that it is easiest to create a series of arrangements using one color.  Each arrangement uses a different flower in that same color and it works best if the flowers are different heights and textures.

This arrangement uses soft and puffy hydrangeas, structural cala lilies and tender stems of bell-shaped flower to play off the softness of the hydrangeas and the architectural height of the cala liles.  To make things interesting, I used some steel grass from a previous arrangement to set off the clean look of the cala lilies.  I rounded off the corners of  a palm leaf to create a round backdrop for the bell-shaped floral stems.

There are many perks in creating three smaller arrangements, rather than one larger one.  They are simpler to arrange and can be set up in different configurations for each meal.  After dinner, I move these to the kitchen or anywhere else that needs a breath of floral freshness.

Try your own trios of floral arrangements.  I would be interested to hear about your favorite combinations.


glass vases   6″ GLASS VASE,  8″ tall bud vase

pruning shears or strong scissors Fiskars pruning shears



Fill vases with cool water.  Trim stems of flowers on the diagonal with enough room to stand up in each vase.  The height of each stem should be so that the flowers begin just above the water level.  Make sure to trim off any leaves that would be submerged in the water because they will rot and discolor the water, shortening the life of the flowers in the arrangement.



One comment

  1. Your flower arrangements are beautiful. I especially love the elegant look of the middle one. Have a wonderful yom tov! Love, Tante Sary


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