A Month of Perfect Low-Carb Omelet Choices

I never enjoyed eating breakfast until I started a low-carb diet a couple of months ago.  In the past, I would skip breakfast because eating an early morning meal just never agreed with me.   I would feel nauseous after eating early and the nausea would linger, affecting my entire day.

Breakfast is important and especially so, if one is dieting.  It is essential to set aside time and place to enjoy each meal and snack throughout the day.   It is equally important to feel satiated and not deprived when dieting.  Breakfast is an essential piece of that wholesome feeling while dieting.

To compensate for  my nauseous relationship with breakfast, I now opt to eat breakfast only after my day has begun.  Nowadays, I start my day with an hour-long walk and then eat breakfast after my walk is complete. It is simply a wonderful morning routine.

Because my diet stresses low-carbs, cereals are not an option.  Most mornings, I opt to eat a two-egg omelet.  Of course, it is not in my nature to eat the same type of omelet all week long.  Therefore, I have been experimenting with different types of omelet toppings or fillings and I have listed some of my favorites.

Here is the recipe for the perfect omelet:


2 eggs

oil or butter


Omelet  fillings (use your favorite combination):

Jalapeno, fresh or roasted, sliced into rings

Cauliflower or Broccoli Rice (see kosher notes)

Shredded Spinach (See Kosher Notes)

Shredded Arugula (See Kosher Notes)

Shredded or Pureed Kale (See Kosher Notes)


Shredded Cheese

Crumbled Cheese

Shredded Fresh Beets

Mushrooms, sliced or diced

Zucchini, diced small

Scallions, sliced thin

Chives, in 1/2 inch slices

Onion, diced

Sauteed Onions

Sauteed Garlic


Fresh basil (see kosher notes)

Basil Pesto or vinaigrette


        Leftover roasted vegetables Simple Rainbow Roasted Vegetables

Balsamic Vinaigrette


 In a medium bowl, whisk eggs until combined and just frothy. Stir in any additional ingredients.

In small nonstick skillet, heat oil or butter  over medium-high, spreading to coat pan.

Add eggs to pan and tilt skillet to spread uncooked eggs to edge of pan.

Cook omelet until it is just set.  Carefully flip over and cook until it is just set.  Close flame and allow to rest in hot pan for one more minute.


Kosher laws disallow the eating of any whole insects and therefore most greens and some vegetables require a process of soaking, rinsing and in some cases, pureeing. Kashrut authorities differ somewhat on the proper checking of leafy vegetables and those prone to infestation. This blog was not designed to be your kosher authority, so please consult your local rabbinic authority regarding use of arugula, spinach, kale, broccoli and cauliflower.


I enjoy my omelet unseasoned, but if you prefer a seasoned omelet, you can either add salt and/or other seasonings before cooking or after.




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