Magic Tip: Keeping the Lid on a Pot of Chicken Soup

Leah decided to spend Shabbos at Kaitlyn’s.  Avigail was barely able to contain her excitement, telling everyone that “Tante Reah” was coming to visit her and would be sleeping in the bed right next to hers.  Don and I were empty-nesters for Shabbos.

Although it is not the first time this summer that Don and I are home alone for Shabbos,  I still haven’t figured out how to cook for two people.

My batch of Simply the Best Challah Recipe…ever!is enough for 6 challahs, my Simply the best chicken soup…ever!still feeds 8-10, Perfect Salmon with Roasted Vegetables is enough for 10 and Cowboy Caviar: A Simple and Hearty Salad with Attitude is enough for a large family.

That left me with a great idea.  I could cook an entire batch of our Shabbos favorites and send most of it for Kaitlyn, Aaron, Leah and the kids to enjoy.  That way, I need not alter any of my recipes and two households will enjoy the Shabbos delicacies with only one cooking spree.

There left only one question: How do we transport the chicken soup in its pot?

That was easy.

I found some long and strong rubber bands that fit over the pot. I secured each band under one pot handle.  I stretched each rubber band over the lid and secured the other end under the second pot handle.  I did that three times so that in case one or two rubber bands snapped, the lid was still secure.

chicken soup with rubber bands

Perfect.  Now all that’s left to do is to teach Avigail to call Leah, “Tante Leah”.


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