Simple Baked Gefilte Fish Terrine

Gefilte fish is a traditional Jewish food served on Shabbos and the Jewish holidays. It is a loaf created with various types of ground fish and is usually boiled and served cold with sliced carrot and horseradish. There are a number of gefilte fish companies that prepare a frozen gefilte fish loaf ready for cooking.

Of course, I have experimented with different ways of preparing gefilte fish. This is one of he simplest. It is delicious and beautiful, too.

It will take a traditional gefilte fish and transform it into a wow appetizer.

2 loaves of gefilte fish, partially defrosted
fresh or frozen spinach, soaked, rinsed, and dried
cooked carrot slices
cooking spray

loaf pan
parchment paper
silicone or rubber spatula

Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.

Partially defrost 2 loaves of gefilte fish. I defrost the fish overnight in my refrigerator.

Line loaf pan with parchment paper, leaving enough on sides to fold over gefilte fish loaf.

Remove first loaf of gefilte fish from wrapping and press into parchment-lined loaf pan using spatula to spread the gefilte fish evenly and smoothly.

Place dry spinach leaves or a very thin layer of dry chopped spinach on top of gefilte fish.

Place a single layer of thinly sliced carrots on top of spinach.


Remove second loaf of gefilte fish from wrapping and layer right over the carrot layer, pressing to make sure that the second layer of gefilte fish closes any gaps created by the spinach and/or carrots. Spread evenly and smooth top.

Spray top of gefilte fish with oil spray and fold parchment paper over the top of the gefilte fish terrine, making sure that the fish is well covered. Cover top of parchment paper with foil if the fish is not completely covered by parchment.

Bake for 90 minutes. Allow to reach room temperature before refrigerating terrine in the loaf pan .

To serve, wait until the terrine is completely cold. Carefully, remove terrine from the loaf pan. Unfold parchment paper top and sides, leaving parchment on the bottom. Cut the terrine in slices and serve cold.


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