DIY Felt Hair Bows for Avigail


My 3 year old granddaughter, Avigail, has wispy blonde hair.  My husband, her “Papa”, has been threatening to cut her bangs for as long as I can remember, because he just cannot tolerate seeing her hair in her eyes..  Avigail will wear bows as long as they meet her fashion criteria and are lightweight

avigail with felt bow_edited

 When she was much younger, we purchased small bows at Gap and Gymboree.  To keep up with Avigail’s ever-evolving fashion criteria, we tried finding new bows at the local accessory boutique.  These hair bows are expensive and ordinary and many of them no longer pass Avigail’s fashion and comfort test.  We decided that it was time to make some lightweight and fashionable bows of our own.

 We purchased some felt squares (29 cents each at Walmart!) and created a template for making these bows.  They are simple to make, beautiful to wear, lightweight and best of all, Avigail loves them!



Bring ends of Piece A together overlapping slightly at the center (dotted line on template).  Sew the ends firmly together at the center.



Surround sewn piece A with piece B, making sure to pull piece B tightly around piece A.  This will create a loop around Piece A and pleat Piece A slightly.  Secure ends of loop by sewing together.


 Sew piece B to back of sewn piece A through the back layer only.  Sew securely to reinforce bow.


Center and sew Piece C to the back of the bow.


Center and glue hair clip to back of the bow securely using a glue gun.

Voila!  You now have a lightweight and gorgeous hair bow.





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