Purple Cupcakes for Avigail

Avigail’s favorite color is purple.

Well, most of the time Avigail’s favorite color is purple.  Except when she changes her mind and decides that her favorite color is pink.

In Avigail’s family, a favorite color is very important.  Her Bubby’s favorite color is blue. Aunt Sarina’s favorite color is purple, too.

I had a hard time admitting to Avigail that I don’t really have a favorite color.  My dining room is orange.  My bedroom is yellow.  My family room is terra cotta.  I wear a lot of black.

So, I explained to Avigail that I like all the colors that Hashem (G-d) created, each in its own way.  Thankfully, Avigail understood.  Whoow!

Avigail just turned three years old and we were in Israel during her birthday.  So, when she visited us last, I decided to make a batch of cupcakes for her.

I took a deep breath and hoped that she would not change her favorite color for that day.

She didn’t.

Avigail informed me that she still loves the color purple.

Except, she also emphatically reminded me,   “It is not my birthday.  My birthday was last week!”

At least, we don’t have to go over the favorite color thing.

These are the cupcakes.  Enjoy all the purple, Avigail and Sarina!



one dozen cupcakes, baked and cooled

2 cups of purple frosting.  I used Pillsbury purple frosting

one recipe of Colorful Chocolate Bark using purple chocolate melts.  I used  Gefen pareve purple melts and the sprinkles from the Pillsbury purple frosting and craisins


Bake a dozen of your favorite cupcakes and allow to cool.

Prepare a batch of Colorful chocolate bark using Gefen pareve purple melts and purple sprinkles or candies.  Allow to cool and break into shards.

Fill a large piping bag with purple icing.  To do this most easily, I place piping bag with tip inside a tall cup or glass and fold the excess bag over the edge.

I then fill the piping bag with purple icing.

Squeeze frosting toward the bottom of the bag and begin piping, starting from outside of cupcake and piping toward center.


Garnish each cupcake with a shard of decorated purple bark.



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