Lattice Chicken Pie

I’ve always suggested that we start a leftovers club.  After all, your leftovers would be like new to me and my leftovers may be palatable to you.  As long as our families subscribe to the same dietary laws, allergy restrictions, likes and dislikes, a leftovers club would be perfect.

There are times that I repurpose my leftovers.  I often send them home wih Kaitlyn and Aaron.  After a party, seuda (festive holiday meal as in Five Simple Tips to Keep the Wow in Purim) or sheva brochos (seven days of wedding after-party as in Goldie’s Vintage Sheva Brochos Menu), I usually put out leftovers in to-go containers for my guests.  I have even separated the white and dark meat on my Simply Reliable One Pan Roast Chicken Dinner, delivering most of the dark meat to family and friends who prefer the dark chicken since my family generally prefers white chicken.

But this week, I had leftover chicken with plenty of sauce.  And, so this lattice chicken pie was born.

It’s a great recipe and a simple solution to leftovers.  It is perfect for leftover Chinese food or any chicken that has sauce.

But, I’m still looking to start a leftovers club.



4 cups of cooked chicken with sauce

3 eggs, whisked

1/2 cup panko or cornflake crumbs (optional)

puffed pastry

Bake at 375 degrees F for 30-40 minutes



Place chicken with sauce in pie dish.  Pour whisked eggs over chicken.  Optionally, dust with some crumbs to absorb extra moisture.  Cut strips of puffed pastry and place across the pie plate.  Place additional puffed pastry strips across the pie plate in the opposite direction.

Bake at 375 degrees F for 30-40 minutes


To keep things simple, I cut strips of puffed pastry for the lattice.  I lay the first set of strips across the pie and then lay the second set of strips perpendicular to the first.  To save time,  I don’t bother to weave the strips under and over.

lattice chicken pie

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