Shabbos Table Setting: Using Napkins as the Star

Thank you, Alyssa and Sara!

Last week, Alyssa suggested that I post a picture of my Shabbos table.  I received great positive feedback on this post from friends who have been at our Shabbos table, so I will try and post a picture weekly.  To maintain the theme of this blog, with each picture, I will try to highlight something that my readers can adapt to their own Shabbos table.

This week, I will suggest using gorgeous napkin rings as the star of the table setting.  Sara and Alyssa, who recently visited with Davida, brought us a gift of gorgeous new napkin rings that I am using for the first time this Shabbos.   These gold leather napkin rings are embossed with the Hebrew words Shabbos Kodesh (holy Shabbos).  I chose to use the napkin rings with white cloth napkins, folded into a quarter square and then accordion folded.  I fanned them out on top and bottom, above and beneath the napkin ring cinch.

shabbos table 1-19-2018.jpg

This Shabbos, my grandchildren, Avigail and Yehudah, are visiting.  Yehudah has told his parents that he loves to visit Bobby (that’s, me!)  because I give him two forks.  I not only offer the grandchildren two forks at our Shabbos table, but I even offer them the same silver and dishes as everyone else.  I do eliminate the glass stemware and knives for kids, until they are ready.  The napkins and rings equalize all the differences in the table settings between the adults and the children and really add a touch of elegance.

Shabbat Shalom  (peaceful Shabbos)!


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