Shabbos Table Tip: When Desperate Times Call for Disposable-Mix it Up!

Last Friday night, we hosted an oneg (lit. delight, Shabbos get-together) at our home for Davida’s friends from her seminary alma-mater,  Midreshset Mevaseret Yerushalayim (MMY).  Logistically, this means that we enjoyed our own Shabbos dinner meal before and during inviting dozens of MMY-ers into our home for a night of learning, food and Shabbos delight.  This is one of those desperate times that calls for disposable dishes.

And, if we must use disposable dishes on Shabbos, we will rock it!  It is not often that I succumb to using disposable dishes, especially on Shabbos.  So, when I do, I try to mix the disposables with regular cutlery and glassware and add a non-disposable tablecloth, napkins and napkin rings to the table settings.

Shabbat Shalom!

shabbos table cwith disposables 1.jpg


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