Shabbos Table: Mix It Up!

This Shabbos, Avigail and Judah will be visiting unexpectedly as Kaitlyn has the flu.  We always love these type of surprises and this is the perfect opportunity to blend disposable and real dishes on the Shabbos table.   Judah still looks forward to his two forks on Shabbos and he will have two spoons, too.  Just to keep Avigail happy, we will skip the knives for the kids.

As you can see, I took the “mixing it up” concept to a whole new level.  Rose gold (Walmart!) disposable dishes blend with white table accents.  An embroidered vintage tablecloth blends with white and rose gold paper napkins.  A contemporary hammered copper-tone ice bucket blends with an antique silver creamer.

Shabbat Shalom!

shabbos table- mix it up.jpg

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