Tzitzis Plates for Yehuda

tzitzis plates

Yehuda a.k.a Ju-Ju just turned three!

Yehuda was born on Shabbos Hagadol (Shabbos before Pesach) three years ago and arrived several weeks early to the great surprise of us all.  For me, his arrival was especially eventful and complicated.

I had already arrived in Israel and had just finished preparing everything for Pesach when Kaitlyn called to tell me the exciting news of her baby boy’s early arrival into the world.

It was 3 AM and I had just fallen asleep after a full night of cleaning and Pesach preparations.

“Are you aware that it is in middle of the night here in Israel?, ” I asked Kaitlyn that night.

“Yep” responded Kaitlyn.

“Oh!”  I exclaimed and sat up quickly in my bed.  “Did you have a baby?”

“Yep” responded Kaitlyn.

I sat up a bit straighter in my bed.   “Did you have a baby boy?”

“Yep” responded Kaitlyn.  And, she added, “And I guess you’ll be missing the bris!”

“Never challenge your mother!, ” I retorted and immediately began making arrangements to return to the United States to meet my first grandson.

That was three years ago and it has been my children’s proof that my mantra of “you cannot be too organized” has some exceptions to the rule.  They claim that if I had only started my Pesach preparations a bit later, I would have saved myself a whole lot of work.

They may be right, but it has made for some great memories!

Now, Yehuda has turned three, is finally toilet trained and has begun wearing a kippa and tzitzis.  To celebrate his third birthday, I designed these tzitzis plates for our small family celebration.



white square plates
white twine
black electrical tape


Cut a v-shape out of the top of each plate.  Tape parallel lengths of black electrical tape to form black stripes on each white plate.  Cut several lengths of white twine and tape to the back of each plate.  Voila!


  1. Tzipi, this is the most amazing creation. I am always impressed with your creations but this is INCREDIBLE!!!!

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