Bat Mitzvah Centerpieces, sparkling and upcycled

On Sunday, my niece Emma had a beautiful Bat Mitzvah party for her friends.   A couple of weeks ago, my sister-in-law, Suzy, dropped off some materials that she had bought in New York City and I agreed to arrange them for this exciting party.

I repurposed different shaped containers from our recyclables, sprayed them with metallic paint and filled them with sand.  I then purchased some large foam E’s and attached them to skewers sprayed with metallic paint.  I arranged the branches that Suzy had brought, separating them by color and adding the skewered E to the center of each arrangement.  Voila!

emma bat mitzvah 1

Oh…and then as an afterthought, we decided to add a few lower centerpieces and one with Emma’s name for the sign in board area. I sprayed some tissue boxes with the same metallic paint and glued some of the sparkly embellishments and a foam letter E to each box.

emma bat mitzvah 2

The party was just perfect.  Here are how the centerpieces turned out…

emma centerpiece

Mazel Tov, Emma.  May your future sparkle and shine and be filled with goodness, sweetness and happiness.

Photo credits for this post to Sara Immerman and Michael M Cohen


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