Sunny Yellow Floral Arrangements

yellow arrangements 3


Cut daffodils are for sale and that signals that spring is near.

I was so excited to see the sunny daffodil blossoms.  I decided to create a grouping of yellow floral arrangements to welcome and complement the gorgeous daffodils.

Creating several smaller arrangements, rather than one large floral arrangement offers versatility. This allows me to spread the different floral arrangements throughout the house or to sequence them on the Shabbos table differently for each meal.

To create cohesion between arrangements, I find that it works best to find some element in common.  I either use different flowers in the same color, different colors of the same flowers or different flowers altogether but in the same or similar vases.

For this yellow floral sequence, I chose to use two glass vases and two silver vases.  I found yellow tulips, yellow sunflowers and yellow alstroemeria to complement the daffodils.

yellow flowers cropped


I trimmed the ends of the flowers on the diagonal and removed the leaves from the lower ends of the stems.  It is important to remove the leaves from the stems placed in the water to keep the arrangement crisp and clean.  I added enough water to reach to within two inches of the top of each vase.

I cut the sunflowers to be two inches higher than the vase and then stuffed some of the trimmed leaves around the top to fill in the gap so that the flowers would stand upright in the wide vase.

yellow sunflowers

I used a narrow-necked glass vase for the daffodils.  I trimmed the daffodils so that the blossoms would float right over the top of the vase and the stems would not reach the bottom.

yellow daffoldils

I trimmed the tulips to three inches taller than the top of the vase and gathered them so that the most upright tulips were in the center.  I faced the rest of the tulips to the outside.

yellow tulips

I placed the alstroemeria in a vintage silver vase that is not water-tight.  I placed a plastic cup inside the vase and filled the cup with water.  I carefully trimmed the alstroemaria to several inches taller than the vase and placed the trimmed stems in the plastic cup hidden within the silver vase.

yellow Alstroemeria up close




What a sunny yellow grouping!


yellow arrangements rotated







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