Our Backyard is for the Birds…now that I have discovered suet feeders

We enjoy sitting at the kitchen table and watching the variety of gorgeous birds that frequent our backyard.  Over the years, I have purchased and created many different bird feeders.  Some were not sturdy enough, others attracted too many squirrels, but most were just too difficult to refill.

Last year, our favorite birdhouse feeder was knocked over by a large fallen tree limb and broken beyond repair . It was time to replace it and I was looking for something that could draw birds as close to our kitchen window as possible.  I wanted something sturdy and inexpensive, something that that would draw birds without squirrels, and something that would be simple to refill.

At the supermarket, I discovered suet bird feeders.  They are simply coated metal grid-like feeders that hold suet cakes securely.  To feed, the birds peck at the suet cake through the metal grid, while squirrels cannot.  These suet feeders are easy to refill by just opening a sturdy latch and they can be hung just about anywhere.  Best of all, they only cost a couple of dollars.

I purchased a few suet feeders to hang near our kitchen window.  I hung one off of a thin but strong ribbon that I tossed over a sturdy branch on the magnolia tree behind the kitchen. I hung the others on the light posts near the window.  I have tried a variety of suet cakes which are simple to install in the suet holders. Now we get an assortment of woodpeckers, blue jays, cardinals, robins and finches (with no squirrels) joining our family for breakfast.

Our backyard is simply for the birds….


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