Rainbow Carrot Curls: A Wow Garnish

Trader Joe’s sells bags of organic rainbow carrots.  The carrots come in all hues of the rainbow: dark red, white, bright yellow and the “ordinary” orange carrots.  It is a small splurge, but well worth it in the “wow” factor.

rainbow carrots ingredients

These carrots are low in calories and powerful in vitamin A and antioxidants. Rainbow carrot curls will add a pop of color and a delicious flavor to your plating.  Here is the simple technique to create rainbow carrot curls.




Rainbow Carrots, peeled into 3 inch long strips

Ice Water

Toothpicks (optional)

rainbow carrots curls on counter



Create carrot curls using a potato peeler.

rainbow carrots curls with peeler

For tighter curls, roll and secure with toothpicks.

rainbow carrots curls with toothpicks

For looser curls, curl strip loosely and just drop strip into ice water.

rainbow carrots ingredients curls

rainbow carrots curls in ice water


Keep in ice water for at least 20 minutes.


Looser curls (that were not secured with toothpicks)

rainbow curls-large-for salad.jpg


Tighter curls (that were secured with toothpicks)

rainbow cuels 1

Blot each curl dry and garnish away!



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