Robot Costume…Fashioned from Dollar Store Finds


robot costume

My daughter, Kaitlyn, creates the cutest costumes ever!  This is one of my favorites.  This robot costume is one that she designed for her husband, Aaron, to wear on Purim.

There is a custom to dress up in disguises on Purim to commemorate the events in ancient Persia whereby the Jewish nation was saved from a terrible decree of extermination. Unlike the outright miracles in the Jewish exodus from Egypt commemorated on Passover, the Purim story is one of natural events coordinated in such a way that the “hidden hand” of G-d was evident. We dress up on Purim to commemorate the disguised miracles for the Jewish people in Ancient Persia.

This robot costume is designed entirely out of dollar store and upcycled finds and it is creative, practical and very unique. Kaitlyn scoured her local dollar store for items that she could use for this costume.  You may find other items to use that will create your own robot design. Please feel free to share your own designs.


Metallic Windshield Covers (2 per robot)
reflector disks
reflector strips
2 CD’s
Gauges printed from online pictures
Assorted size Bottle caps (covered in foil)
2 Sink Strainers for eyes
2 red pipe cleaners
Glue gun + glue sticks
Duct Tape
A/C Ducts for arms
old circuit boards (optional)


Cut a hole in the middle of one of the windshield covers to fit the head.  Reinforce the edge with duct tape to prevent tearing.

Print pictures of gauges on the computer.  Cut the gauges slightly smaller than the CD’s and then glue the gauge images to the CD’s.

Lay out the other items onto the windshield cover in a design that you like.  Glue the CD’s, reflector strips, reflector buttons, circuit boards and foil-covered bottle caps onto the windshield cover using a hot glue gun.

Fold the second windshield cover over a box and secure with duct tape.  Make sure to leave enough length in the front and back of the face part so that it will drape over the breast plate (windshield cover) and look continuous.

The sink strainers will allow the robot to see while wearing the robot mask.  Try on the face mask and mark where the cutouts for the eyes should be.   Measure the sink strainers and cut two holes for the eyes to match the size of the sink strainers.  Secure using a hot glue gun and tape on the inside to reinforce.

Glue pipe cleaners in a zig zag shape for the mouth.

Measure the ducts to fit the arms of your person and cut them to size.  These will be removable.

Try the costume on your robot and make size and design adjustments where necessary.


Photo and Design Credits to Kaitlyn Schlusselberg


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