Robot Mishloach Manos: a Robot-Themed Purim with Printables

My daughter, Kaitlyn, created a Robot-themed Purim. Each member of the family dressed up as a robot and she created Mishloach Manos to fit the theme. It was simple and it was a wow.

I asked her to share a picture of the robot-themed bags and the printable designs.


robot mishloach manos

One of the mitzvos (commandments) unique to the Jewish holiday of Purim is to deliver gifts of food, called Mishloach Manos, to friends and family. The parameters of this mitzvah require each Jewish adult to send a minimum of two ready-to-eat-foods to at least one person.

The source for this lovely mitzvah is from the Purim Megillah, the scroll detailing the story of Purim read on the Purim Holiday in Hebrew.   It is chronicled after the Purim victory that  Mordechai, the hero of the Purim narrative,  ordered his fellow Jews ” to make the fourteenth day of the month of Adar… feasting and joy, and sending portions one to another, and gifts to the poor.”

Sending Mishloach Manos is in keeping with the overwhelming Purim theme of  unity and  friendship. When the Purim villain, Haman, asked the Persian King Ahashverosh to destroy the Jews, he said “There is a certain people who are scattered and separate…” In contrast, Queen Esther, the heroine of the Purim story, understood that Jewish unity was vital and a strong prerequisite to G-d’s salvation. Queen Esther instructed that the Jews assemble to fast and pray on behalf of the Jewish future, because she understood that we merit G‑d’s blessing when unified.  The Purim Mishloach Manosstrengthen our bonds of friendship  within our Jewish community.

Each Purim robot package was created with a simple paper lunch bag, a clear plastic party bag and some food items that relate back to the robot theme. I have enclosed the printable label for the enclosed snacks and for the robot Happy Purim label.  You may find other items to use that will create your own robot themed packages.
robot MM printable
This Purim Mishloach Manos theme can be easily used for a robot-themed birthday goody bag, as well.  I have included printables for Purim and for a robot-themed birthday party.
robot birthdau printables
Please feel free to share your own creative robot ideas and designs.
 paper lunch bags
plastic party bags
printed robot card and snack labels  Robot Purim Mishloach Manos Printable or Robot BIrthday Printable
assorted robot themed goodies like:
Computer Chips (label  a bag of potato chips or chocolate chip cookies)
Nuts and Bolts ( label a bag of your favorite shaped cereal)
Battery Cells (label a bag of colorful candy)
Memory Packs (label a bag of candy)
Mega  Bytes(label a bag of cut fruit or veggie sticks)
Micro Bytes (label a bag of cut fruit)
Wires (label licorice or pretzel sticks)
Loose Screws (label a bag of corkscrew snacks)
Spare Parts or Loose Wheels (label a bag of wheel-shaped snacks)
Print labels for your bag and snacks.
Attach to your snacks using a glue stick or stapler. Affix Happy Purim label to the paper bag.
For each Mishloach Manos package, fill with your labeled snacks.  Fold down the top of the lunch bag.  
Place the labelled paper bag inside a clear plastic party bag.  Close top with a ribbon or staple shut.
Happy Purim!

Photo and Design Credits to Kaitlyn Schlusselberg

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