Simple and Spiralized Salami Slinky: Three Ways

For our Purim seuda (festive meal), I wanted to prepare something that would be original, interesting to serve and fun enough for the kids.  I set up a dinner buffet with a carving station.  I wanted something that could be baked right in the oven with the other meats.  I came up with this simple and spiralized salami recipe.

The key to creating the spiral is to use the longest chopsticks that you own.  The skewered chopstick is threaded into the salami and the salami is cut in one long spiral, all the time turning the salami as you cut.  What you are left with a type of salami “slinky”.

I prepared this recipe with three different sauces.  The last two sauces can be used for Pesach (Passover) with Kosher for Passover sauce ingredients.

baked spiarlized salami-ingredients



1 or 2 long chopsticks


4 teaspoons soy sauce
1/4 cup mustard
squeeze of sriracha


1/4 cup marmalade or jam
1/4 cup barbecue or chili sauce
splash of orange liquor (optional)


1/4 cup marmalade or duck sauce
squeeze of ketchup
2 cloves minced garlic or garlic powder


Poke chopstick through the salami from end to end, trying to keep skewer as close to the middle as possible.  If the  chopstick doesn’t reach the end, then poke it as far as you can and push another one right behind it so that both chopsticks are protruding at either end of the salami.

baked spiarlized salami-with skewer

Using a small knife, cut into the salami in one long spiral, turning the salami away from you while cutting.  The chopstick will prevent your cutting through the salami.  The closer that you cut the intervals, the thinner your slices.

baked spiarlized salami-spiralized

Once you have reached the end of the salami, remove the skewer.  Carefully pull the salami out, creating a salami “slinky”.

Prepare your favorite sauce and douse the salami with the sauce, making sure to get plenty of sauce in between the gaps of the salami “slinky” and on top.

baked spiarlized salami-ready to bake

Bake at 300 degrees F for one hour uncovered, no need to baste.   It is that simple.  Wow!

salami spiralizzed






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