Daffodils: Simply and Artfully Arranged

daffodil arrangement on counter-crop


Daffodils are in season and they are inexpensive and beautiful.  I like to buy bunches with blossoms that are mostly closed, so that they will last the longest.  I usually look for bunches that have only one or two blossoms showing and the rest are still tight buds.

My favorite arrangements are ones where the stems are as artfully arranged as the blossoms.  Because most of the daffodil blossoms on my bunches are still closed, this also makes the arrangement interesting, even when most of the blossoms have not yet opened.



For this arrangement, I used two 10-stem bunches.  I trimmed the stems on the diagonal, making sure to trim one bunch two inches taller than the other.

I carefully placed the first bunch in one corner of the vase, gently curving the stems upward and making sure that the blossoms peeked out just above the top of the corner of the vase.  I then placed the second bunch in the opposite corner of the vase, gently curving the stems upward  and positioning the buds about 1-2 inches taller than the first bunch.

I filled the vase with water and voila!




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