Low-Carb Snacks: Simply Made with Love

Now that Don and I are on this low-carb, high-protein diet, we have encountered some challenges.  We realize that having snacks prepared and measured out in advance is key. Knowing that the snack is ready to eat at responsible intervals  helps curb cravings and satiate our appetites.

We had hoped to find some ready-made protein bars that meet the diet protocol and are certified kosher.  Alas,  we have not been successful in finding kosher protein bars that have low enough carbs and are readily available in our area.

Don and I struck a deal.  I will prepare most of the meals if he prepares the snacks in advance, either daily or weekly.  I purchased some ingredients and he did a terrific job, filling the fruit bins of our refrigerator with these pre-measured snack choices.  Now, each day, we can easily enjoy the snacks that he prepared at regular intervals and we are nailing this diet!

Here are some of our favorite low-carb snacks, prepared and measured out by Don:


Radishes: scrubbed and cut into wedges

Medium Size Pickle: skewered onto a stick

Small ripe avocado, bagged with a lemon wedge and plastic knife (to share)

avocado with lemon.jpg

Macadamia Nuts: 8-10 nuts per snack

macadamia nuts

Celery Sticks: scrubbed and sliced into sticks

celery sticks

Sugar Snap Peas: rinsed

Baby Peppers: rinsed whole or with tops and seeds removed

snow peas

Zucchini sticks: scrubbed and sliced into sticks

Cucumber sticks: scrubbed and sliced into sticks

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