BowTie Napkins: Folded with DIY Napkin Rings

Our grandson, Yehuda, also known as JuJu, just celebrated his first birthday.  Whenever family members would meet him, they would remark that he looks like a “little man.” Those that knew his namesake, Yehuda (Leo) Schlusselberg a’H, would consider JuJu a pint-size clone of him.

For his birthday, therefore, we chose a vintage Little Man theme.  For the table setting, we chose antique gold, cream and light blue as the colors.  We found gold polka-dot napkins and decided to tie them into large bow-ties.


bowtie napkins supplies


paper or cloth dinner napkins
2.5 inch ribbon (I used mesh ribbon)
glue gun or stapler


Cut ribbon into 5.5 to 6 inch lengths.  Overlapping slightly, carefully glue or staple ends together forming a ring.

bowtie napkin rings glue gun just glued


bowtie napkin rings-many done

Accordion fold each napkin folding every 3/4 inch back and forth.

bowtie napkins folded

Slip napkin through ring.




bowtie napkins on plate


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