Simple Table Props for Ju-Ju’s Little Man Party

little man party signs 2

For our grandson, Yehuda’s first birthday, we created a vintage little man theme.  For the first many months of his life, family members would remark that he looks like a “little man”,  just like his namesake, Yehuda (Leo) Schlusselberg a’H.


little man party signs

As cute table props, we printed some cute little man signs and displayed them on the drinks and dessert buffet.  To display the desserts, I procured an assortment of cigar boxes. I contacted my local cigar store and spoke to the manager who was more than happy to save some interesting and luxurious cigar boxes for me.  I then wrapped some long marshmallow sticks in black and gold napkins and created “cigar” labels for them.  I displayed some of these fun cigars in the cigar boxes.

little man cigars




real men eat cupcakes

Here are these printable signs for you.


real men eat cupcakes

If you mustache I am one

with a great stache comes great responsibility

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