A Simple Fluffy Arrangement of Peonies and Hyndrangea

For Shavuos, Davida’s friend, Chava, brought us a gorgeous new vase.  It is rectangular with a narrow opening, perfect for arranging so many different types of flowers.  It is unique in its narrow but long shape, and it is stunning with a floral motif designed into the glass.  Since Shavuos, I have tried so many types of floral arrangements in this vase and they all work.

But, this is my favorite, so far.

My niece, Michal, hosted an event at her home last night and she sent a bouquet of hydrangea and peonies from the event to us.  I rearranged these flowers using a large structural leaf that I already had.  I placed everything in Chava’s vase and I love the soft and delicate floral arrangement.


hydrangea and peony arrangement with orange background


rectangular glass vase with smallish opening

pruning shears or strong scissors Fiskars pruning shears

1-2 hydrangea stems

3-4 peony stems

some large leaves


Fill vase with cool water.  Trim stems of flowers on the diagonal with enough room to stand up in each vase.  The height of each stem should be so that the bottom of each flower head starts several inches above  the water level.  Make sure to trim off any leaves that would be submerged in the water because they will rot and discolor the water, shortening the life of the flowers in the arrangement.

Place leaves first, then hydrangea and then carefully place the peonies in between the leaves and the hydrangea.

hydrangea and peony arrangement


One comment

  1. So happy to see such beautiful flowers in the base. Most of all thank you for always hosting Chava and opening your home to her.
    Shabbat Shalom


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