Simple Corn Grilled in the Husk

There are certain things that are best cooked in their natural packaging.  Corn on the cob falls into that category.  The perfect natural packaging for corn on the cob takes my breath away.  I find it miraculous that corn grows so perfectly in the husk with a protective layer of corn silk to cushion the tender kernels of corn.  If you look closely, it is so easy to see the daily miracles in nature.  Corn in the husk reminds me of the divine miracles that are so easy to miss in everyday life.

corn on the cob

For the best ears of corn, choose ears that are medium to large in size.   As you gently press on the husk, the kernels should feel thick and plump with no gaps.  Look for tassels of corn silk sticking out of the top that are brown and slightly sticky, not black and dry.

The simplest and best way to grill corn is right in the husk.  This method simplifies the preparation as you do not need to shuck the corn before cooking.  The natural silk and husk leaves protect the corn as it barbecues.  Once the husk chars, the corn is perfectly cooked inside.  Just peel back the leaves to reveal shiny and deliciously sweet ears of corn.

corn in husk on grill

This way of preparing corn is best for eating outside because the charred bits of husk and silk tend to make a bit of a mess.

This is simple.  This is delicious.  This is divine.


6 ears of corn



Place ears of corn right on a covered medium-high grill for 15-20 minutes.  Turn husks every five minutes until the husk is brown on all sides.

corn in husk on grill with tongs

Peel husk back to create a “handle” for holding the corn.  Corn will be perfectly steamed inside.





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