Simple Kiwi Flower Garnish

kiwi garnish with single golden kiwi 2

A simple, yet beautiful garnish adds elegance and whimsy.  This one is so simple and only takes 30 seconds to prepare.  It uses the whole kiwi with no waste and needs only a small paring knife as a kitchen tool.

It would make a gorgeous centerpiece for a fruit platter, fruit pie or as a kiwi garnish accompaniment to a plated dessert.  With green and golden kiwis available right now, this garnish can be easily prepared in either color.  Just take care to use kiwis that are firm .

This kiwi garnish resembles a water lily lotus flower.  It would look gorgeous on an edible leaf like a lemon leaf with just a few chocolate truffles as an accompaniment.


whole kiwi, gently rinsed

small sharp paring knife


Remove any stickers and gently rinse kiwi.  Cut small v-shaped notches in the center of the kiwi. Make sure to have each v-notch start where the last one ended off.  Turn the kiwi and continue to cut notches.  Cut last notch to cut from end of last notch to the beginning of the first notch.

kiwi garnish with notches

At the bottom of each v-notch, score the kiwi peel to form a thin straight line from the point of the v-notch to the bottom of the kiwi. Turn the kiwi over and repeat the scoring of the peel from each v-notch point to the bottom of the kiwi.

kiwi garnish with notches and scored lines

Gently pry the two halves of the kiwi apart.

kiwi granish after prying halves apart

Cut the peel away from the kiwi flesh just under each notch using the scored straight lines under each v-notched point as your guide.  Gently peel each “leaf” back to create the bottom petals of the lotus flower.  Turn the kiwi and continue doing this all around.


kiwi garnish with single golden kiwi 2




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