A Dozen Red Roses Split Up: Contemporary Arrangements

Don brings home roses most every Erev Shabbos (Shabbos eve).  I try to find different ways to arrange the roses every Friday so that the Shabbos table setup is unique.  As you know, most recently, I have begun to break the dozen roses up into several arrangements.  I love the flexibility of moving the arrangements into different rooms and setting them up differently for each part of Shabbos.

Before I arranged the roses, I took my pruning shears out to the backyard.  I snipped some Dusty Miller to use for my grid-like vase.  I snipped some branches off one of the magnolia trees to use in the largest arrangement.  I re-purposed some leaves from an older arrangement to use in the bud vase.  And so, I arranged the roses in three different vases…

For Friday night, I placed all three arrangements on the table.  For Shabbos lunch, I placed the largest arrangement on the Shabbos table and moved the other two arrangements into the kitchen.  And, so it goes…..

Here are the three arrangements, together and separately:trio of red roses

red roses in bud vase

red roses with dusty miller

roses in wavy vase


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