Oil in Squirt Bottles with Free Printable Labels

For most recipes, I use one of two types of oil: extra virgin olive oil and/or canola oil.  I like to buy these oils in large quantities and the containers tends to be large and unwieldy with a way-too-large pouring spout.  I find it easiest to decant the oil into a small squirt bottle for easy drizzling and squirting. I just refill the squirt bottle when necessary.

oil squirt bottles with label

I use oil for so many things and for most of them, I just need a bit of oil squirted in just the right amount in just the right place.  This counts for frying my morning omelet, dressing salads, sprinkling on roasted vegetables, starting a saute and most everything else.

For decades, my parents have been repurposing a dishwashing detergent bottle with a squirt top for this use.  You can easily use this type of bottle or a sport-top water bottle, washed and dried well, of course.

I prefer the thin, longer nozzle of a purchased squirt bottle.  I have so many of these type of bottles, so I am always happy to use two of them for decanting my olive oil and my canola oil.  So that I don’t get them mixed up, I just label the oil bottles with my SimpletoWow customized squirt bottle label.

I leave the heavy oil bottles on the shelf for use only for recipes that called for measured oil or for refilling my oil squirt bottles.  I keep the smaller squirt bottles of oil with my spices.  The thin nozzle on these squirt bottles is perfect for drizzling and squirting and the bottle fits perfectly in my spice drawer.

To prepare each oil squirt bottle, all I do is decant the oil carefully and apply the squirt bottle label with packing tape or glue stick.

This has been a great tool for me and I hope that it is for you, too.



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