A Dozen Roses Stretched to Fill the Shabbos Table

Don brings home roses every Friday in honor of Shabbos.  The roses are always of wonderful quality and it  a surprise to discover what color roses will adorn our Shabbos table.  Most Fridays, we enjoy all twelve roses in one traditional arrangement.

This week, Don brought home peach color roses, one of my favorites.  Our home is decorated in earth tones and peach works well in our dining room.  The roses were large and robust and I decided to stretch the twelve roses into four different arrangements.

I lined up different vases and spread out the roses.

One arrangement took five roses.

roses in a row

One took a single rose.

rose in single bud vase

One arrangement took two roses and that left four roses.

roses in a pair

The last arrangement was a collection of glass bottles set up in a grid-like formation (Upcycled Glass Jar Floral Arrangement: Simply Stunning).  I placed the last four roses into these vases, adorning them with the ferns that accompanied the dozen roses.

roses in glass bottles


Here is how they all look together:

roses-four different ways


roses-a dozen in different ways

roses-3 different ways

Good Shabbos!


    1. Notice the center vase? It is a family favorite and always makes us think of Chava and your dear family. Good Shabbos!


    1. Lucky you! Flowers for Shabbos from someone you love is such a beautiful tradition. It’s so important to “stop and smell the roses”, a perfect way to segway into the spirit of Shabbos.

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      1. This is an old Chassidic tradition, and there is a Kabbalah to it. Starting from the first Shabbos after I turned 12 (I didn’t have a Bas Mitzvah as such), my zeide A”V started bringing two bouquets, one for my bubbe and one for me. It has to do with Shir haShirim and The Rose of Sharon. I think we are both lucky, and again, have a beautiful Tu b’Av, with much love, and a great Shabbos!


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