DIY Nightstand Play Kitchen for JuJu

Seventeen month old Judah (or JuJu as he is sometimes called) loves to play in our play cupcake kitchen when he comes to visit us.  He doesn’t have a play kitchen at home, so I decided to surprise him with his own one.

diy kitchen 2

My mother-in-law a’H was fond of repurposing cast-off items, so she would have just loved this new, but old kitchen.  When we cleaned out my in-laws’ home several years ago, my sister-in-law begged me to take home Mom’s lightweight aluminum pots.  I had them in storage in a box in my basement since then.  They were perfect for use in this play kitchen.  Mom would kvell (Yiddish for feel proud)!

diy kids kitchen-bubby's pots

I found an old nightstand on the curb near Kaitlyn’s apartment two months ago and brought it home.  Kaitlyn showed me some adorable furniture to play kitchen adaptations on Pinterest that I used as inspiration for this upcycled nightstand castoff to vintage play kitchen redo.

Here is what the original nightstand looked like:


diy kids kitchen-original with painters tape.jpg

I taped the outer part of the cabinet door and first painted the interior black to resemble an oven:

diy kids kitchen-oven and restoration blue

I chose a restoration blue color spray paint and painted the shell.

diy kids kitchen-tape and restoration blue

I had Aaron attach a piece of wood to the back of the nightstand to resemble a backsplash and painted all the vertical surfaces blue.  I painted the top surface chalkboard black for a sink and cooktop area.

I repainted the oven silver to resemble an art-deco stainless steel look.

diy kids kitchen-painted

I visited my hardware cabinet and local dollar store for accessories to stock the kitchen.

I found some old plastic foosball table feet that I sprayed silver and had Aaron attached with long screws.  They even turn!

diy kids kitchen--oven knobs

Aaron screwed a large screw into place to hold the kitchen timer.  The timer hooks on and off in case JuJu wants to use his timer for something else.

I used an old hose spray nozzle for the faucet that I sprayed silver and attached with  heavy duty contractors’ adhesive.  I bought a silver toilet paper holder that I separated into two pieces.  Aaron attached those with screws for the faucet handles.

Aaron drilled holes into a small dog water dish and secured them with screws.

I bought a plastic shower organizer, sprayed it silver and secured it with heavy duty contractors’ adhesive to the backsplash.

I glued an old chalkboard to the backsplash and glued an alarm clock to the chalkboard.

diy kids kitchen-cooktop


I glued a touch LED light from the dollar store to the inside of the oven for light inside the oven.


diy kids kitchen-inside of oven

I glued an oven thermometer to the inside of the kitchen door.

diy kids kitchen-oven thermometer

I fashioned cooktop grates out of craft sticks secured to CD’s covered with upside down plant saucers.  Aaron secured the grates with long screws so that they spin.

diy kids kitchen-cooktop grates

For a little extra fun, I glued an old unbreakable mirror to the outside of the oven door.

diy kids kitchen -outside oven door

I bought and repurposed lots of accessories and kitchen gadgets including: a hand broom and dustpan, tongs, strainer, oven mitt, ladle, plastic food, squeegee, plastic cups and martini glasses and even a plastic vase with a flower fashioned from a bottle stopper.

diy kitchen-hooks on side



diy kids kitchen-plastic vase

Juju just adores this new kitchen.  He has been perfecting his chicken soup and I am loving it!


diy kids kitchen--juju's chicken soup.jpg




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