Simple and Healthy Fruit Salad Ice Pops

Avigail and JuJu are here for “Bobby Camp” and we are having a ball.  The weather has been hot and getting increasingly humid again.  I wanted to prepare a healthy, beautiful and colorful ice pop as a refreshing treat for them on these last hot summer days.  They love fruit and this recipe really hit the spot!

I chose to use unsweetened iced tea as my liquid base with a variety of mango, berries, nectarine and kiwi as my fruits.  You can easily adjust this recipe to  use any variety of juice or soda as your liquid base and just fill with your favorite summer fruits.

I cut a variety of beautiful and delicious fruit into small pieces…

fruit salad for ice pops.jpg

I layered the fruit into some dixie cups and filled the gaps with some unsweetened homemade Iced Tea.

fruit salad ice pops with sticks

I placed a craft stick in the center of each cup, placed the cups in the freezer and several hours later, voila!fruit salad ice pops-frozen




fruit salad ice pops-trio-frozen


strawberries, cleaned and cut into thick slices

blueberries, rinsed

mango, peeled and diced

nectarines, rinsed and diced

clementine, separated into sections

kiwi, peeled and sliced thin


small dixie cups

wooden craft sticks


Prepare all fruit and mix together in a large bowl.  Fill each dixie cup with fruit 2/3 to top of cup.  Fill in gaps with iced tea or your favorite drink.  Freeze until firm.  To loosen pops, rinse outside of frozen cup under running water.


fruit salad for ice popsfruit salad ice pops in freezerfruit salad ice pops ingredientsfruit salad ice pops with sticks

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