Low and Slow Oven Brisket: No Braising Necessary


This week, I prepared the most delicious brisket.

I purchased a 3 pound top of the rib brisket that was extremely lean.  I did not have time to marinate or braise the meat and because of its lean composition, I was nervous that it would be tough.

I developed this simple and perfect low temperature recipe that cooked while I was out of the house.  When I returned, I was delighted to find the most delicious and succulent piece of meat. I refrigerated the meat for several hours before cutting, so that the meat would cut without shredding.


3-4 pound brisket, top of the rib

1/3 cup olive oil, mayonnaise or Simple and Perfect Spicy Mayo

1/2 cup very thinly diced onions or french fried onions

2/3 cup wine


Pierce the brisket with a fork all over on both sides.   Place in roasting pan and pour wine over brisket, turning over so that wine penetrates both sides.  Place fattier side of the brisket up so that fat keeps the meat tender during cooking.  Coat the top of the brisket with oil, mayo or spicy mayo, spreading evenly with small spatula or basting brush.

Place onions atop coating, pressing into brisket.  Cover tightly with foil.

Let brisket come to room temperature or place in oven on delayed cook mode.

Set oven to cook for 4 hours on 275 degrees F.  Let roast stay in oven until the oven cools down, at least one hour.

Remove from oven and allow to cool completely.  Refrigerate before slicing.

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