Colorful Confetti Cabbage


Cabbage is one of those under-rated ingredients.  It is available year-round, is low-carb and can be delicious in a saute or salad.  This recipe is one that I prepare often and one that my family really enjoys.  It is a simple recipe that started out as a mistake…

Before one of the holidays, I had purchased quite a bit of produce.  I turned on my extra refrigerator and stored my overflow vegetables in that refrigerator, not realizing that the refrigerator temperature setting had been set to maximum.

When I went to retrieve the cabbage from the refrigerator, I realized that the cabbage had frozen.  It was no longer suitable for salad, so I tried to think of another use for the frozen cabbage.  I had a batch of onions that had just been sauteed, so I used some of the onions as starter.  I then added the frozen cabbage to the saute pan with garlic, salt and pepper.  

My kids came downstairs and tried the cabbage.  They loved it!

I have since prepared this dish in so many different ways.

I have used green cabbage, red cabbage or a mixture of both.  I have mixed the cabbage with pasta, with kasha or as a topping for a warm salad.

This is a versatile side dish and also looks beautiful as an appetizer accompaniment.



1-2 onions or shallots

4 cloves of garlic, minced or granulated garlic

one head of cabbage, red, green or mixed, shredded




Saute onions and/or shallots garlic in oil, just until starting to brown.  Add garlic and shredded cabbage and saute on medium-high heat, just until wilted.  Once wilted, add salt and pepper to taste.  Reduce heat to medium and saute until soft and flavorful.

This is delicious by itself as a low-carb side dish or can be tossed with pasta, rice, farro or kasha.  It is best served warm.

It is also delicious served atop a fresh bed or lettuce as a warm salad topped with nuts.

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