Burlap and Roses: Simple Yet Wow!

Burlap was never one of my favorite textures.  A few years ago, it seemed that everyone was decorating with burlap.  There were burlap tablecloths and table runners, burlap lampshades, burlap accents and flowers.  I was just burlapped out.

Although I love the idea of upcycling and using everyday objects in extraordinary ways, burlap just never made it to my list of favorites.

Until now.

This season, burlap has reappeared.  This time, I have seen it used sparingly and well-paired with other textures.  So, I thought, I would give it a try.

I purchased some burlap mesh on clearance and considered some ways to use it.

Here is the first.  I love the pairing of rough and tough, unsophisticated burlap and elegant, delicate roses.  I love the interplay between the textures of the different flowers, the recycled glass vase and the coarse burlap.  And, burlap kind of fits my decorating style. It works well with the earth tones in my home and matches the ecclectic nature of my decorating taste.  Yes, I have actually decided to embrace burlap.



large square glass vase
three bunches of flowers in coordinating colors and differing textures
burlap mesh
wire,  pipe cleaner or floral tape
straight stick, skewer or chopstick



pruning shears or strong scissors Fiskars pruning shears


Trim each of the bunches of flowers to a different height, leaving the fullest flowers to be the shortest and the sparsest flowers to be the tallest.  To keep flowers fresh, strip away all leaves that would be submerged in the water.

Arrange each bunch of flowers in the vase, setting each into a different corner of the square vase.

burlap arrangement-flowers only.jpg

Fill with water.

Cut a 6-8″ piece of the burlap mesh and roll.  Gather the center of the roll and tightly secure with wire, floral tape or pipe cleaner.  Secure to stick and place in the center of the arrangement.





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