That Turkey! Baked Apple



I love warm baked apples.  There is something simple about the flavor and preparation, yet it is one of those recipes that never seems to get old.

For Thanksgiving, I decided to dress up my Simply Delicious Baked Apples and create a Thanksgiving-inspired baked apple turkey.

It really was simple.  Oh, and whimsical.  And, of course, delicious!



Simply Delicious Baked Apples

cranberry sauce
rainbow or sour sticks
chocolate chips or melting chocolate


Prepare one batch of Simply Delicious Baked Apples, adding cranberry sauce to the filling. Allow to cool.



Melt chocolate.  Fill a decorating bag or ziploc bag.  Snip one corner of bag and pipe chocolate onto wax or parchment paper into turkey head shape and turkeys feathers.  Place small pieces of rainbow candy onto chocolate feathers.

Alternatively, cut candy sticks into small sections and insert toothpick into each candy section.



Assemble the baked apple turkey by placing the turkey head at the front of the apple and the turkey feathers at the back of the baked apple.




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