Showstopper Soup Combinations

Sometimes the wow factor is just in the plating.

Pureed soups are simple, fresh and delicious.  They are easily prepared in a crockpot and then simply pureed using a stick blender.  Some excellent pureed crockpot soups are Carrot Soupspring pea soupCrockpot Mushroom Soup, Orange Root Vegetable Soup and Low-Carb Zucchini Soup. 

Soups can be garnished beautifully with herbs, croutons, seeds or cream, but are rarely showstoppers.  This is the exception.

For this presentation, all that needs to be done is to keep the soup warm in separate crockpots and serve them together.  That is it.

carrot and pea soups on simpletowow board


2 same size lightweight measuring cups (preferably with spouts)


2 pureed soups


Prepare two contrasting color pureed soups.  Keep them warm in separate crockpots until ready to serve.

Designate a measuring cup or cup/creamer with a spout for serving each of the soups.  For each bowl of soup, fill each measuring cup with the designated soup.  From opposite sides of each bowl, pour measuring cup of each soup into the bowl at the same time.

Garnish each bowl with minced chives or cream.  To create a gorgeous cream garnish, dot the two-color soup with a few dots of cream.  Using a skewer, connect the dots by slowly dragging the skewer through the centers of the dots. Serve immediately.

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