Roasted Vegetable Sliders

roasted vegetable sliders 2

This appetizer is one of the most beautiful, delicious and versatile ones that I have up my sleeve.  It is simply a stack of roasted vegetables secured with an interesting pick.  As you already know, I roast vegetables almost every Erev Shabbos (Friday afternoon) in preparation for our Shabbos.  Everyone enjoys the vegetables before Shabbos and I try to make enough that we still have enough to enjoy at our Shabbos meals.

This appetizer can be dressed up with an herb garnish on top.  It can be served with a dollop of Jalapeño  Dip, or even topped with some melted cheese  for a dairy meal.


If roasting squashes or sweet potatoes, scrub peel and leave on before roasting.  This will help the roasted vegetable hold together so that it can be stacked.

roasted vegetables for sliders.pngroasted vegetable sliders

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